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Cataracts are the clouding of the lens in the eyes, which usually happen as you age. If you notice a progressive drop in the quality of your vision, you should make an appointment to have your eyes checked. Early diagnosis and treatment could help to save your eyesight!

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Our History

Eye Care Clinic was founded in 1993 by Mt. Elizabeth Consultant Ophthalmologist Dr. Tony Ho, to provide advanced quality private specialist eye care for Singaporeans and foreign patients from the region and around the world. The clinic has expanded to include the main clinic located at Mt.Elizabeth Medical Centre, Clearvision Lasik centre and three suburban clinics located at convenient locations across the island.


Dr. Tony Ho

Director, Eye Surgeon

Pre-Cataract Operation Evaluation Fee


  • Eye specialist consultation

  • Eye examination and specific eye tests necessary for cataract surgery

    Refraction studies, eye pressure checks, keratometry, A-scan biometry for calculation of lens implant power

Cataract Operation Fee


Standard Lens


Multifocal Lens

Additional Fees

  • If an Anesthetist is required to be on standby during the surgery, there will be an additional fee of $321.
  • If General Anesthesia is required during surgery, there will be an additional Anesthetist & Facility Fee of $695.50.

Prices are GST-inclusive.

Can I use Medisave?

Yes! Medisave is claimable for cataract surgery. The amount claimable is $2,150. Patients will be able to use their own, spouse's, or children’s Medisave account.

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