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Can I use Medisave?

Can I use Medisave for cataract Surgery? Yes! Medisave is claimable for cataract Surgery. The amount claimable is $2,150. The patient will be able to use his/her own, spouse, or children’s Medisave account.

Pre-Cataract Operation Evaluation Fee

$280 + GST. Price includes:
  • Eye specialist consultation
  • Eye examination and specific eye tests necessary for cataract surgery such as refraction studies, eye pressure checks, keratometry, A-scan biometry for calculation of lens implant power

Cataract Operation Fee

$5,800 per eye + GST (Standard lens)
$6,800 per eye + GST (Multifocal lens)

Additional Requirements

-If an Anesthetist is required to be on standby during the surgery, there will be additional fees of $300.

-If General Anesthesia is required during surgery, an additional Anesthetist & Facility Fee charge of $650 is added on.